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Esfumel cream

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Whitening Cream


Whitening Cream

Manufactured in Argentina


Esfumel Plus is a cream formulated to treat skin spots associated to dermal photoaging or to hyperpigmentation of any origin such as melasma or postinflammatory spots.

Lentigine-like Pigmentary alterations observed in chronically sun-exposed areas are whitened with continued and progressive use.

•   Esfumel Plus contains substances of recognized whitening and anti-oxidant action which together improve significantly photoaged skins and result in excellent skin normalization

• Emblica is a natural product extracted from a fruit of an Indian natural plant extensively used in Ayurvedic medicine: Phyllanthus Emblica. Emblica has demonstrated a skin-whitening action on naturally pigmented skins and a wide long-term antioxidant activity. It helps to improve UV radiation effects and ageing signs on skin, such as fine wrinkles and spots.

• Extracts obtained from Arctostaphylos uva-ursi leaves have demonstrated whitening effects through direct action on melanin formation.

• Glycolic acid induces a mild exfoliation of skin superficial layer dead cells. It thins and softens your skin; and adds whitening effects to those mentioned above.

• Sun filters for A and B UV radiation guarantees appropriate photoprotection to accompany this type of treatment.

Esfumel Plus is a cream easy to absorb and distribute and that does not leave any residues.

Esfumel Plis significantly improves your skin progressively whitening spots associated to ageing or other causes. It also provides greater luminosity and smoothness and adds an extra  degree of moisture.

Esfumel can be used even during day because of its solar filters. Its antioxidant properties help to prevent damage caused by UV radiation.


Esfumel Plus should be applied twice a day. Start application by evening. If it is well-tolerated after two weeks it may be applied by morning and evening. Use a small quantity on the affected area and extend with a gentle massage until total evanescence.


Hypersensitivity to some components has been observed.

Avoid direct contact with mucosa and eyes. If contact occurs, wash with abundant water. If discomfort continues, consult your doctor.

At the beginning of treatment, a mild and temporary irritation of the skin, manifested as itching and/or mild burning, may occur. These effects tend to decrease and disappear with periodic use. In sensitive skins, these effects may be more intense and persistent. If irritation continues, suspend treatment and consult your doctor.

Keep product away from children.

Avoid unprotected direct sun exposure.


Keep at room temperature.


Esfumel Plus Cream 20g

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