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Lumisol serum

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SERUM for eyelids manufactured in Argentina



SERUM for eyelids manufactured in Argentina


Every 100 g of serum contains:

Eyeseryl………………10.00 g

Nicotinamide… …….. 2.00 g

Sepilift………… …….. 0.04 g

Excipients .…c.s.p….100.00 g


LUMISOL® Serum for EYELIDS is a serum for eye contour care, especially indicated for eye bags.  Its exclusive formulation ensures efficiency and an excellent tolerance.

As skin weakens through the years, sagging in the eyelid-area produces a baggy look. Edema, produced by multiple causes but mainly as a result of the increase in vascular permeability or deficiencies in lymphatic drainage, produces a swelling-effect of lax tissues such as the eyelids tissues.

LUMISOL® Serum for eyelids contains Eyeseryl®. Eyeseryl® is a etrapeptide of recognized efficiency in eye bags and dark circles reduction. Its proven anti-red action enables drainage controlling swelling associated to this cosmetic problem.

In addition, skin elasticity is improved and periocular skin is soothed.

 Eyseryl® has demonstrated inhibition of crossed reactions with collagen. specific collagen glycation inhibition prevents elasticity loss and therefore formation of eye bags. Eyseryl® has proven in vitro to inhibit vascular permeability in a dose-dependent manner favoring a drainage and anti-edema effect. Studies in vivo in volunteers have demonstrated a notorious change in signs reduction evidenced  as from 14 days of treatment with a 10% solution. Skin elasticity measured with a cutometer increased 30% in 30 days. In another study with volunteers a 1% cream was applied twice a day during 28 days. 70% of the subjects evidenced a decrease in eye bags. In addition, skin color typification studies performed through chromametry a whitening effect on dark circles was evidences. (*)

LUMISOL® Serum for eyelids contains Sepilift®. Sepilift® is a single amino acid derived from a plant known as dipalmitoyl hydroxyproline. It acts inhibiting metalloproteinases synthesis committed to collagen fibres rupture. As a consequence, an improvement of skin ageing effects is observed together with a better appearance and greater elasticity and smoothness. The reduction of superficial wrinkles and emolliency grant your skin a healthier look.

LUMISOL® Serum for eyelids contains nicotinamide. This hydrosoluble amide of nicotinic acid intervenes in numerous oxide-reduction reactions in which it acts mainly as anti-oxidant. It is a component of the two most important coenzymes of our organism (NAD and NADP). It has been used topically in several dermatological conditions. It has a depigmenting effect because it interferes in the transference of melanosomes to keratinocytes. This is a reversible and dose-dependent process. It also improves other problems associated to ageing such as skin texture and thin wrinkles.

The exclusive combination of these three main components ensure a significant action in eye bags and dark circles correction and long-term prevention when using LUMISOL® Serum for eyelids daily.

(*) Source: www.lipotec.com, Eyeseryl supplier lab.


LUMISOL® Serum for eyelids should be applied twice a day around the eyes. Use a small quantity and massage gently until total evanescence of the product.


It is prescribed for periocular and eyelids edema or excessive folds under the eyes and dark circles.


LUMISOL® Serum for eyelids 15g.


Keep at room temperature

Keep away from children.

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